Business Management Scholarships

Start your scholarship search with this directory of business management scholarships that can be sorted to find exactly the scholarship for your situation. If you are just starting your traditional or online business management program, search by renewability, as renewable scholarships can pay for several years of your education as long as you continue to meet the requirements. If you have already started work toward your degree, use the minimum GPA function to find scholarships for which your academic record qualifies. If you haven’t started your program at all, search by school and state  to find areas and schools that will provide money for your business management education. Regardless of where you are in your educational career, try searching by enrollment level and ethnicity. These sorting functions will find business management scholarships that are relevant to your current year in school and your ethnic background.

Do not stop searching for scholarships, even after you have used the directory. Search for business management scholarships online to find more national or state scholarships for which you are qualified. If you are already employed, talk to your employer about sponsoring your studies, too. Many students pursuing MBAs in business management use this funding method.

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Identify Trends in Business Management Scholarships

There are a wide range of business management scholarships available at all levels of education, and these scholarships cover a very diverse set of situations. Some are provided by business organizations that want to incentivize students to study their particular area of business management. These scholarships often require students to focus on a particular area such as international management, agribusiness, construction management, or supply chain management. Others require students to be of a particular ethnic background. Make sure to apply scholarships that target your specialization or ethnic heritage, as you will have fewer competitors for these funds than for general business management scholarships.

Most business management scholarships have a GPA requirement. This GPA requirement can vary significantly between scholarships, with some requiring a 3.5 or higher and others only requiring a 2.0. On average, you should expect to be required to have a 3.0 GPA to receive scholarship funds.  In order to leverage all possible funding opportunities, apply to a broad range of scholarships, including those specific to business management or even other business-related fields.

Key Business Management Scholarships

Selected Professions Fellowship

This fellowship, provided by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), is targeted at women from minority ethnic backgrounds who want to pursue careers in business, law, or medicine. Students must be in the last year of a graduate degree program leading to a career in one of these fields. The average monetary award for this fellowship is $8,500.

Robert S. Spencer Memorial Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship, provided by Georgia State University, is intended for students who want to pursue careers in risk management or insurance. This scholarship is not renewable, but provides $10,000 for one year of study. Although there is no minimum GPA requirement for this scholarship, selection is based on merit, so you should have a strong GPA and solid academic performance if you wish to apply.

Directory of Business Management Scholarships